Lions are a Year 1 class and are taught by Charlotte Burt supported by teaching assistants Rebecca Kershaw, Maria Saunders and Katherine Houghton-Bell. 

Children begin Year 1 following the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage but as the year progresses and the children become more able to focus and concentrate for longer periods, they begin to work more as a whole class. Developing children's skills in phonics, reading, writing and maths is a big focus in Year 1 so that they can cope confidently with the demands of Year 2.

Parents need to continue to listen to their child read at home every day which will really help them to develop into a successful and fluent reader. Homework tasks continue to be sent home in the Learning Journal. In June, all Year 1 children nationally undertake the Phonic Screening Check which determines how well they can apply their phonic skills.