Immersion Day - Spring (1) 2024


We have started off our new topic ‘Happy Holidays!’ with a really fun Immersion Day! The Lions packed up their suitcases and backpacks and set off on an adventure to China. We learnt all about Chinese food, we tasted some fried rice and spring rolls whilst on our plane, and then we got to make a healthy stir fry. The children carefully cut, peeled and tore the ingredients they needed for the stir fry, and then enjoyed eating it afterwards. It was a super day


Giraffes Immersion Day: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. After reading the story, we wrote a shopping list and headed off to buy ingredients from our local Tesco. This shopping trip tested our knowledge of coins and notes as we had to pay for our shopping and check our change! Then we came back to school and after writing a set of instructions for How to make a Tortilla Pizza and an apple crumble, we got cooking! In the afternoon we enjoyed tasting our tasty treats and decided if we were team Country mouse and preferred the apple crumble or if we were team town mouse and liked our pizza the most.