British Values

At Heelands School British Values work alongside our School Values of Respect, Self Belief, Cooperation, Friendship, Challenge and Responsibility.

Each half term we focus on a new value and explore ways in which we can show and share these values.

We have explored rules and how these keep us safe. We know that there are school rules such as ‘Always walk inside’, specific rules such as ‘Take your shoes off for soft play’ and society rules such as ‘Don’t steal.’

We have explored Democracy by understanding that we all have a right to be heard. We vote for favourite stories and understand how the result works.

This half term our focus British Value is Respect. We already understand that is it ok not to have the same thoughts or beliefs as someone else. We have thought about this from a simple level such as favourite colours, football teams, and preferred foods. In assemblies we have discussed ways to respond to our friends such as “It is ok to like another football team, I respect your choice.” When we disagree we are learning to accept another friends’ point of view.

In R.E and PSHE lessons we are learning that people have different belief systems and thoughts. We are learning that it is exciting to be part of a school where we are all different but that our voices and thoughts are equally important.