Autumn (2) Term 2023


This term our Topic is Guess Who? In History we have learned about Queen Elizabeth and Guy Fawkes. Our main text has been The Queen’s Hat. We have learnt a story off by heart and have written the story—trying very hard to use full stops, capital letters and our best handwriting!



This term we spent a day travelling to space. We got ready for blast off and then took a tour of the international space station, learning how astronauts, eat, sleep and go to the toilet! We wrote diary entries to explain how we felt in space. In Maths we helped space characters navigate their spacecraft using out subtractions skills. Then in the afternoon we decorated some space biscuits and designed some space shuttles which we will build and test in the next few weeks. We had a great day!




We started our new Topic Celebrations with a party day! We had so much fun, party hats and decorations. The children made sandwiches and decorated cakes. We finished the afternoon with a tea party and party games.

It was the best day!