Attendance and Absence

It is vital that your child attends school every day, arrives on time, is suitably dressed and ready to learn having had a good breakfast and a good night’s sleep. Parents are legally required to inform the school if their child is absent and we contact parents directly if we have had no message. Absence is considered unauthorised unless an explanation is received, for example illness, medical or dental appointments, days of religious observance or exceptional family circumstances. It is the school’s decision whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised and a letter or message does not guarantee authorisation.

Holidays during term time are not recognised as authorised absence and parents may be fined by the local authority if they decide to take their child out of school for this purpose. Parents may also be fined if a child is regularly late for school which causes a disruptive start to the day for the whole class.

We monitor attendance every week and send your child's attendance figures home termly. If your child's attendance falls below 90% we will monitor and support you to improve that figure.

It is vital that we hold a current emergency contact number so that we can quickly reach you if your child is ill or has an accident, please remember to update the school if your contact number changes.

Milton Keynes Council have more information regarding school attendance on their website: MK COUNCIL SCHOOL ATTENDANCE