About Us

Heelands School is a warm and friendly place with a definite 'family' feel, and we pride ourselves on knowing our children and families very well. Our aim is to nurture and develop every child's potential and we are strongly committed to the safety and well-being of the children in our care. We value these early years in school as a wonderful time of exploration, curiosity and growth and we give our pupils the time and space to develop as individual learners and to develop their unique strengths and talents. 

We are a small infant school and have been serving the Heelands community since  1983. We are now teaching the second generation of Heelands pupils and parents often choose us because they have such happy memories of their own school days here. We teach children from Reception to Year 2 and we work closely with Bradwell Village School where the majority of our pupils move on to. We are also actively involved with the Stantonbury Liaison group of schools, with our local pre-schools on Heelands and Bancroft and with our attached Children's Centre, The Robins.

If you have any queries for the school, please either call 01908 316306 or email the Business Manager, Diane Farmer at office@heelands.milton-keynes.sch.uk.